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Since I last blogged (almost two years ago!!) lots has happened. I initially stepped away from the blog for a while to focus on finishing my degree, and raising my two kids. I just didn't have the time to keep up with blogging. But I'm starting again, and wanted to talk about something personal that happened since moving onto the next step of my life...


parenthood: and then there were two

life with two kids is definitely harder than life with one. i almost feel like the transition from one to two kids is harder than from no kids to one kid. but we're finally getting a routine down, and adjusting to being a family of four. although he has his moments, on the whole, jude adores his baby sister. whenever he hears her cry, he says, "mom, our baby is crying! i go get her." and he's always asking to hold her, or cuddle her. the other day we were at the park, and i passed elena off to a friend. almost immediately jude comes running over to me and whispers, "mom, i'm worried about my baby. you get her back now?" and whenever anyone comes over, jude is so excited to introduce elena to them, "guys, this my baby elena. she's such a cutey baby, huh?" also, jude can get elena to laugh better than anyone else! he just stands in front of her and jumps around, and elena is in hysterics. of course i know the days of screaming matches, tattling, and door slamming are coming sooner than i want them to, but for now, i'm enjoying their pure adoration for each other.

if you have multiple kids, how was the transition for you? did your other child(ren) adjust well? i hear it gets easier with each one. is it true?



25 Most Powerful Photos1
25 Most Powerful Photos
25 Most Powerful Photos
25 Most Powerful Photos
25 Most Powerful Photos

not a week goes by that i don't think about the events of 9/11. i am forever grateful that i came home to both my parents that fateful day twelve years ago. may we honor those we lost by remembering, and upholding the values this nation was built upon.

p.s. a timeline of the events of 9/11, and my own personal experience on 9/11.

photos 1-5 borrowed from yahoo's 25 most powerful photos, last photo via history.com


food states

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unfortunately for steve and i, he hasn't made the two best states yet -- virginia or washington. the nerve.


elena's birth story

hey guys! it's been months. i've been focused on school these past few months, and a little something called childbirth. as most of you know, we were blessed with another little one in our family last month! elena (pronounced ell-ey-nuh) elise tompkins was born on may first at 3:05 pm, weighing in at seven pounds four ounces. if you'd like to hear the full story, click below...


real or fake?

people here seem to start christmas super early. like, everyone on our street has their lights up outside, and i can see trees through the window. it's not even december yet! but, i'm not complaining. steve and i are big into christmas too (listening to christmas music as i type), and tonight, we're getting our tree! funnily enough, this is the first time we'll be choosing out a tree together. and now that we're finally doing it, we can't decide if we want to buy real or fake. i'm all for a real tree, but worry that it won't last through christmas and that it will start a fire in our house (we constantly have to have heaters plugged in downstairs). a pre-lit christmas tree would be super easy to put up, and it lasts forever, but it's just not the same (no evergreen smell!) so, i want to know....which do you prefer?

images via my design chic