the arlington swimming pool. the bathroom in the hotel downtown. grandma's trampoline. the basement on trapper's place. the 'e' tree at sangster. the cafeteria at roosevelt elementary. the clothes line on center road. the rock garden on timber hollow. alex's front yard. busch gardens. the bus line at irving middle school. the paper route on conservation way. virginia beach. the c lodge. trek. the sports lobby at west springfield. bunnyman bridge. the locker room at hayfield. the mother's lounge. the stairs behind the spare room. the top of the l'enfant plaza hotel. mr. fowler's seventh period. the lake braddock game. glory days. medieval times. virgin mobile. kirsten's basement. the bradford pear tree in front of the crosspointe house. matt's living room couch. heart's gas station. the living room at dad's. the media room. the south county parking lot. dayton, ohio. the grand stands. chima. reston towne center. isaac's trampoline. the office at hok. room 204. the top floor of the tsc. gossner's. the duck pond. cosi. arby's. the vending machines in snow hall. fredrico's. the rest stop on 81. the upstairs bedroom. the last plane home. occoquan.

today's fortune: you work best on your own now.

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hey fiddle-fart, do some more chronicling!