i once heard a girl complaining about her last name. it was fatheringham. fatheringham? i don't see how that's such a terrible last name. i've met people with last names worse than fatheringham. hickey. pimple. hairs. gorbutt.
i've found that people find it hard to believe that my last name is gorbutt. it's one of those names that you have to repeat over the phone about three times. and people never pronounce it gorbutt. it's always gorbit, gorbett. i've even heard gorbat. i've also seen such variations as corbett and gorvutt. it's b-u-t-t. it doesn't get any more simple than that.
the upside is that it renders many great nicknames. for example: gorslut. whorebutt. my personal favorite is a combination of the two. g-butt. gorbooty. gorump. etc. etc. i'm sure you could think of a dozen more. i won't even mention the puns i hear.
i have no idea where the name came from. or if it's derived from some other language. or maybe when my ancestors migrated to america some guy thought it would be funny to make their american name gorbutt. probably. sometimes it's a pain in the gorbutt to have to live with such a last name. but i'm not complaining. i love my last name. at least it's not smith, or jones or johnson. so generic. gorbutts are sparse. we are the few. the proud.

today's fortune: someone special is thinking of you right now.

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Anonymous said...

the name, gorbutt, comes from a small town in england, caistor, near the city of hull, not far from the english channel. gorbutts have been living there since the 1300's.