well, folks, the wait is nearly over. i move into my brand new apartment in exactly five days from today. i must admit, i am beyond anxious. in other news, i have recently joined satan's army. or in other words, i have recently become a resident of the state of the utah. which is unfortunate. but on the upside, my tuition is about five times cheaper. which is the whole reason i became a resident of this barren wasteland. other good news: i ate a delicious roast beef sandwich last night, compliments of my hospitable aunt and uncle. i live with a vegetarian so...meat is sparse. actually not even sparse. nonexistent. here's some more good news: i have money. having a real job does kind of suck, but you can't work for your dad and sit in front of a computer forever. unfortunately. and even more good news: brent downloaded batman: the dark knight illegally last night, so i got to watch it without paying a cent of my well-deserved money. even more good news: i was able to salvage all nine gigs worth of pictures and two gigs worth of writing from my failing hard drive. i backed it all up onto multiple flash drives. praise allah. i would have died a thousand deaths. but no need. life is good. and one more thing. i took a trip to idaho falls last weekend. it was quite enjoyable. here's what i did: swam a lot. ate a lot. slept a lot. we jumped in a canal which was probably the highlight even though the water was furr-idge-id. also, i drove a motorcycle.

today's fortune: others appreciate your expressive qualities.


-Jeremy- said...

HEY WEASEL....I'm way excited to move back up to school tomorrow. I found your site aren't you proud of me!

brent said...

i'm not sure i appreciate your incriminating statements about my use of file sharing programs