today i ate the most disgusting chocolate eclaire in the world. it tasted like mucus stuffed into a soggy hamburger bun. my roommates went home this weekend. so i'm here by myself. mesia comes home on wednesday. today i pricked my finger and milked the blood out of it. i was proud of myself. i learned that my blood type is b positive. i talked to someone i didn't expect to today. i picked up sixty seven bras out of the fitting rooms and i watched the season premier of the office again. that's when i ate the eclaire. afterward i thought of how much i wish i had a bavarian cream dough nut from shoppers. i also wish millie was here. those two things are probably in the top five things i miss most from home.

today's fortune: be receptive to popular ideas.

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The Gorbott said...

thats so weird. last night millie was eating doughnuts from shoppers.