last weekend, utah state university gave us friday off. fall break is probably the most pointless thing ever, but i did enjoy mine. this is what i did:

drove to idaho.

met some of my roommate's friends (her ONLY friends, actually).

played on some haystacks.

wandered the open road.

saddled up.

saw a moind-blowing amount of potatoes.

today's fortune: you are what you eat.


The Gorbott said...

are those really potatoes? they look like a big stack of poop.

Bev said...

Um... I do have friends thank you very much. And they aren't just cows... even though they make the best ones. People say dogs are a mans best friends... not true.

elise said...

no they're really potatoes. it was innssaanne.

-Jeremy- said...

I drove up through there two days ago and was amazed that places like that even existed!

elise said...