well it snowed. there's no fall here. there's not really a spring either. it's either unbearably hot and dry or unbearably cold and dry. yesterday i busted out the boots. they are so awesome. if my apartment were on fire and i only had time to save five things, these are the things i would save:

li'l j. boots. notebook. book-box. fortunes.

in that order. also, i'd probably grab my phone and my wallet. that's kind of a given though. and my ribbon, but thankfully that's still tied around my neck. five and a half years and going strong.

today's fortune: by helping somebody else today, you may also be helping yourself.


The Gorbott said...

did you find that picture on fickr? anyway, i think my mission president took it. he is way into photographing logan.

Tawny said...

aw, poor baby sissy. while you're trudging through snow, dad jacqueline and i went out into the 80 degree weather and got free slurpees for FHE. BOOYAH!

elise said...

yeah i did find it on flickr. there were a bunch of them. it probably was your mission president. word.

-Jeremy- said...

I remember last year when the first snow fall happened. You were all excited and everything. It's been a year now and you hate it. Welcome to how I feel! I wish I was back in California. We should go on a road trip there right now!