it is 2:57 on all hallow's eve and i don't know what i'm going to be yet! so i sent out a mass text and here are some answers i got:

jeremy: tink. or bev.
courtney: a tampon
annie: be a dike...you wouldn't have to dress up
quinn: a bra. or a hot dog. or a nudist. but remember, deamons are a ghoul's best friend.
annie: jp jp be a vampire. or a pumpkin. maybe a cat? i saw a girl dressed up like a bird?
neil: you should be rosalie vamp
jenna: hmmm so many people have asked me that. haha. i dunno...i've just been the blue man group. you could be an indian or a princess or cindy lou hoo
gina: ummm idk lol i'm being santa's helper haha. you could be a ballerina.
james: easily a horse. just kidding be something cool like like velma from scooby doo. what should i be?
julie: a barbie like me! or a gangster or an old woman.

today's fortune: a romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life.

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The Gorbott said...

our ideas were the best.