here are some things i've done recently:

changed my major

cut my hairs


i can't wait for christmas. only forty three more days until i fly home. it will be the first time i fly as a reular, paying passenger. i want to work at a floral shop in the spring. it would be a cool skill to learn. i also want to work in a bakery so i can learn how to make wedding cakes. i decided to make real meals. this is what i'm going to make this week:

  • taco soup
  • chiken alfredo
  • homemade macaroni and cheese
  • meatloaf

it will be off the chain. i get halloween off of work, but i have no idea what my plans are yet. the only costume i have is my tinkerbell costume. i made it when i was fifteen, so...it doesn't really fit. any suggestions?

today's fortune: it's as good as money in your pocket.


The Gorbott said...

i think switching your major back to english was a good idea. you really need to work on your english.

but seriously. i think that's a good move. because making money doesn't matter, because soon there will be no such thing as money.

Tawny said...

I've still never flown as a normal paying passenger. It's a little bit ridiculous.