so last friday i drove up to boise to see the ags compete in the ncaa tournament. yeah...i was on the front row. we got there around seven and waited outside until nine when they opened the doors. this is in the a.m. by the way. it was awesome. but then we got kicked out of our seats. still awesome though. so we were down by fourteen, and came back in the second half. we were up by six with two minutes left to play. no one is probably interested in hearing all this, so i'll skip all the insanity that happened in those two minutes. quayle and wesley both fouled out. it was ridiculous. marquette scored a three with like, eighteen seconds left. wilkinson got the ball and went up for a three and missed. we fouled them, and they missed one of their free throws and made the other. jaxon myar shot a three with like, two seconds left to play, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. we lost the game by a mere one point. marquette won because like i always say, freethrows win games. also, so do three-pointers, and gary messed that up for us. it was a sad sad day in the taco bell arena.

in other news, i've written two short stories, and am working on my third. they're going pretty well i think. i'll probably be famous in a few years. the next jk rowling or stephanie meyer. i'm writing my next story about a girl that falls in love with a vampire but then has to leave because she finds out she's a witch and just got accepted into a school called pigcallous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

today's fortune: someone is looking up to you. don't let that person down.

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