today i realized my time left in the land of milk and honey is limited. and i haven't barely written one blog about my entire summer. so here i am. i present my summer in a netshell:


turned twenty & left logan

took a ride

walked the boardwalk

visited pittsburgh for the first time

saw jenny lewis

went sailing

saw steve & took many pictures in the car

became an aunt
and in between all of it, i spent some quality time with howie mandel and his 26 models, niecy nash and her clean house crew, the top chef masters, and of course tyra banks, nigel barker, miss j, and twiggy. this is my life.

today's fortune: keep your plans a secret for now


The Gorbott said...

i have that very fortune glued to the inside of an old notebook/journal

Tawny said...

this makes me realize how limited the summer is. you should come home again.