in case no one remembers this, i hate my job. hanging up tried-on underwear doesn't do a whole lot for my self-esteem. so i applied to a post on the on-campus job board and for once i got a response that wasn't a complete rejection (which also does not do a lot for my self esteem). i emailed the editor-in-chief of a new magazine coming out called utah style - a magazine for women in utah that are interested in high fashion, but have problems finding it in utah. she liked my writing, and asked if i could write a sample article about 'finding your own style.' so i guess i have an article to write.

today's fortune: start a new project at work -- or start a new job altogether.

p.s. where the wild things are = scary and pointless. read the book instead.


The Gorbott said...

way to go

Ace...also Waleena...two people, actually said...

Hope this works out for you...it sounds like writing for a magazine like that would be right up your alley!