i realize my blogging habits are not up to par. here's a quick update:
  • i didn't get the magazine job. she never emailed me back. hag.
  • there are tons of on-campus jobs opening up. i am applying for ALL of them. one is at the library, one is at the marketplace, one is as a peer advisor, one is working in the office of graduate studies. if i don't get one of these i think i might melt into a puddle soggy flesh.
  • i might apply at a day care center in nibley. my roommate is quitting. i'm hoping i can take her spot if nothing else works out.
  • i am applying to work at the breakfast bar at the hampton inn. the downside: i'd have to be there at five a.m.
  • the bottom line is: i really want to leave kohl's.
  • steve and i have a place to live. it's a fourplex at the south end of town right behind logan's heroes. it's a two bed one bath, and we have our very own washer and dryer that we bought for 200 bucks. interesting tid-bit. the guy we bought them from worked with grandpa gorbutt.
  • steve and i have a bed. not really, but we think we found one that we want to get. we bought a recliner from DI but we are still looking for couches, a coffee table, night stands and perhaps a few end tables for the living room. if you know of any, let us know.
  • we are also looking for a kitchen table and chairs.
  • i busted in a vein in my foot. the same foot i broke. it's all purple and nasty under there, but at least i didn't break it again. the reason it burst is because I accidentally dropped the norton anthology of british literature (that thing weighs like, ten pounds) and the corner of the book landed on me.
  • invitations are out. they've been out for about a week now, so i hope you all have yours (unless you live in logan -- we're hand-delivering those. the postage was $1.07 per invite, so we're saving about fifty bucks by not mailing them).
  • classes are over. today was my last day of classes. no more american literature, british literature, poetry writing, linguistics or water aerobics.
  • i'm going home in six days and no one wants to buy my contract.
  • we beat the undefeated cougars in basketball. suckers.
  • i will be elise tompkins two weeks from saturday.

today's fortune: you learn about another person in the process of teaching them.

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canne said...

im going to pretend you didn't say that about the cougars.