i realize that january first has come and gone, but since our lives have been a little chaotic over the past month or so, steve and i never really got around to making new year's resolutions until yesterday. rather than just writing mine down in my journal and keeping a list in my head, i thought i'd broadcast it over the internet and make it official. so here are my resolutions for 2010 (the last ten months of it anyway):

  • write more. try to sit down and write at least a couple of pages of something that comes to mind.
  • read for pleasure, not just school. every time i think about all the books i actually want to read, i worry that i'll never have time to read them all.
  • go to bed earlier & wake up earlier.
  • make a conscious effort to incorporate at least one vegetable into every meal (we'll see how that goes...so far it's been baby carrots for every meal, but steve has actually gotten me to start putting lettuce and onions on my sandwiches).
  • be more positive/less critical. i know, corny, but i think i've finally realized that maybe if i'm not so critical all the time, i'd be a happier person, or at least my shopping experience at wal-mart would be little more enjoyable (the last part is a stretch, i know).

today's fortune: embrace change; don't battle it.


The Sorensens said...

Elise, the wal*mart comment made me laugh. I just glad that I'm not the only one who shops there!

elise said...

haha, nope you're definitely not alone