steve and i had a very enjoyable easter together. it was our first, since last year steve went out of town, and i have no recollection of what i did...anyone remember? anyway, we started our day off with some cinnamon rolls and omelets

between sessions of conference we dyed easter eggs

after the second session, we came home, ate dinner (a pork tenderloin thing steve made and some sour cream potatoes i made, made up the majority of the meal). and afterward steve sent me on an easter egg hunt! (ignore my appearance, please)

this is us being happy about finding all the eggs (also, the basket is over sized because we didn't actually buy easter baskets...this one is one of three that we received when we bought our changing table. it will later be used for diapers and/or baby wipes, but it worked pretty well as an easter basket).

then we ate all the candy in the eggs and laughed our heads off until steve tipped over in his chair

steve also picked us up some cool easter gummies the night before, which are very cute, but kind of disgusting. we still ate them all though.

overall, it was truly an eggcellent easter.

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