...or maybe defeat. i haven't decided yet. but here's the deal: i went from 0-2 jobs in less than 24 hours. and here's how i did it: i was desperate. i'm working at a call center. my first ever phone job. it might suck, but i'm sucking it up. i have the opportunity to earn 10.40/hr which, for logan, isn't terrible. my second job is...oh come on, do i even need to say it? kohl's. here's what happened: i put in a leave of absence for the month of may so i could go home for mesia's wedding and try to find another job. my plan was to quit kohl's while on my leave. well i never got around to making the call and since i told my manager i would be back on june fifth, i went in a few days earlier to pick up my schedule. well my name wasn't even in the schedule book. so i talk to a supervisor and she has no clue what's going on, so i leave a note for my manager, asking her to call me. no one ever gets back to me. i come in two weeks later to see if i'm on the new schedule. nope. i talk to a manager and tell her i don't know what's going on and that i'm going to assume i was fired while on leave. she says nothing, so i clean out my locker. i come in a few days later. talk to my manager who asks, "are you back?" these people are idiots. i tell her what happened she says no one's told her a thing about it...she didn't even know i had ever been in the store. she says if i want to, i am more than welcome to come back, she can get me hours right away. if not, its understandable. i decide i'll go back if i can get a raise, if i don't have to work closing shifts and if i don't have to work intimates. i go in today to talk to the store manager. i asked for a raise a few months ago and was denied, so i'm not really hopeful. to my surprise he grants me all three wishes. i got over a dollar an hour more out of him and the latest i have to work there is 2PM! i also don't have to work sundays anymore. so they knew they screwed up and they owed it to me. i'm hoping this wasn't a bad idea. at the least, i'll save money on baby clothes.

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