school starts in less than TWO WEEKS. i can't handle the anxiety. and i'm not even taking main campus courses. summer's almost over. i only went to bear lake once. i haven't roasted enough marshmallows. i haven't gotten enough sun. i haven't traveled enough. I'M NOT READY. in other news, i have six and a half weeks left of pregnancy. people always ask, "so are you ready?" let's be real here...i don't think i will ever feel ready to give birth to a child, and then raise it for the rest of my life and his. a little intimidating. i am ready to wear normal clothes again, though. i am getting so sick of the same three or four outfits day in and day out.

today's fortune: good things come in small packages. one is coming to you!


The Sorensens said...

Marketplace, before the little tyke comes? Your call.

elise said...