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hey everyone. steve and i started a blog together. i think i will be posting on that one more, and this one less. i can't bring myself to part with elise navidad completely yet. i've been blogging on here since my freshman year of college. but recently, i've been thinking that we should do a family blog rather than just an elise blog. however, i have been blogging elsewhere, and so has steve. mesase is a blog i started a few months ago, but haven't really shared with anyone yet. i dunno why. but now that we started tompkinsfam, and i've had mesase for a while, i figured it's not really necessary to have three blogs. i might change the name of mesase to elise navidad just because i like it so much. anyway, this is very jumbled and probably confusing, so let me break it down:

goodbye, elise navidad (this blog)
hello, mesase (my new personal blog)
hello, tompkinsfam (mine and steve's blog together)
nice to see you, ukjent artist (steve's photo blog)

if you decide to check out mesase, let me know what you think. and if you have any ideas for what to call it, let me know. i just chose mesase because i couldn't think of anything else, and i knew no one would have a blog named that. i like mesase, but most people have no idea what the heck i'm talking about. man, i'm in a rambling mood today. i think it's because i'm hungry. anyway, check it out, doggs.

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The Gorbott said...

per your question about your mesase blog: you should check out our neighbor kate's blog. she actually just started working for apartment therapy. you can check what she posts out here--->http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/boston/author/katew
may give you some ideas. but also might feed your blog reading addiction.