double deuces

may eighteenth is a very special day, because...it's my birthday! i'm twenty two years old! this year my birthday seemed to creep up on me...normally, i start counting down in november. steve gave me a birthday present a few days early...some super mario pajamas (i was in desperate need of new pajamas), and i got a professional massage this morning. we took a mini shopping spree this afternoon where i got some shoes, a dress and new workout pants. we're heading out to dinner in a few minutes, but i have no idea where. steve tried to give me some clues, but none of them were helpful. he says i've never been there before, which baffles me, because i've been pretty much everywhere in logan... tonight, we'll come home, watch a move and eat some caramel cobs!

anyway, a wonderful day so far, and thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday! amidst all of this, i will be thinking of my birthday twin, julianna, and reminiscing on past pink double birthday parties, and looking forward to future ones! happy birthday, juli!

UPDATE: the surprise dinner was in brigham city (which is why i had never been there). it's a place called maddox. it. was. so. GOOD. i got the top of maddox which is shrimp, and filet mignon, and steve got the buffalo steak (yes, we ate buffalo). both were delicious, as were the rolls and cornbread (and raspberry butter...oh my gosh) and the home brewed root beer and cream soda.


Julianna said...

Happy birthday once more! Buffalo steak sounds wonderful.

Alexandra said...

Elise! I know it's been such a long while, but guess what?? My mom's side of the family lives in Brigham City, Logan, and Ogdan, and what's even crazier is.. we own Maddox. :) I'm so glad you had such a great time there for your birthday! Happy belated birthday!