what i'm reading

i'm currently reading jane eyre (remember when i said i was going to read it last summer...yeah that didn't happen). anyway, i want to finish reading it, because i want to see the new jane eyre movie that came out, but not before i finish the book. i'll be honest, i am not typically into jane eyre-ish types of books (you know, old british girly romance books). my older sisters and mom would read them when i was younger and i thought they were incredibly boring. this is my first attempt (outside of school assignments) at reading something like jane eyre, but i figured now that i have matured a little (at least i like to think i have), i could try it. also, classics become classics for a reason, i suppose.
To Eyre Is Human: Classic Jane Eyre in Five Looks
anyway, design*sponge did a post about the movie earlier this week, and i talked to my sister today who said she saw and it was good. so now i'm more motivated to finish it faster! anyone else seen the movie? anyone reading anything good these days?


canne said...

watch the 1996 bbc version of Jane Eyre. It is in four hour-long parts, and it is easily the best Jane Eyre I've ever seen. You. will. like. it.

elise said...

good to know. mom and keith streamed it on netflix last time they were here. i keep seeing it on my 'recently watched' list.