happy sunday + new jude

happy sunday everyone! this weekend, i finished reading jane eyre! i liked it. a lot, actually. i love a good book, but i hate when it comes to an end. so now i need to find something else to read (i've found that reading while nursing is the only way to nurse...also, nursing is the only time i have to read these days). i'm thinking about either great expectations (last time i read it was my freshman year in high school), hunger games, bossypants (has anyone read that yet?), or maayyybe attempting something jane austen (although i'm still not sure i want to take that leap yet...) anyone have a vote for any of the above? 

anyway, i hope everyone had a good weekend! we did a load of yard work, had a few picnics out on the lawn, and i finally uploaded a camera full of new jude pictures. below is a slideshow of some of my faves. enjoy!


Tyler said...

i recommend les miserables.

also, cute jude pics. give him a hug from weird ol uncle t.

Ruth said...

I liked the Hunger Games.

I'm surprised you can still read while nursing. I couldn't do it once Lily was about 6 months old because she would get distracted by the book and want to play with it instead of nurse.

elise said...

ha, yeah that happens sometimes, i just have to try and hide the book under a blanket or something until he zones out

Tawny said...

i liked hunger games..also the book 'on the road again' is supposed to be good. my roommates reading it and really enjoys it.
p.s. cant wait to see that lil guy in a week!