new name

i'm a tompkins! on tuesday, steve, jude and i finally made the trip down to the beautiful (lie) city of ogden to change my name. surprisingly, the process wasn't as painful as i thought it would be. we only waited for about 15 minutes, and the lady at the desk was extremely nice (after steve complimented her necklace). while we waited, we tried to think of a potential middle name i could give myself, but we ran out of time before we found one, and so we settled with my maiden name as a middle name (although, i was this close to becoming elise galadriel tompkins). afterward, we spent the day doing some shopping and eating mall food. when we got home, we ended the day by watching true grit (which we liked a lot, and that just came to redbox in case you want to check it out). speaking of redbox, the new narnia movie was in there...has anyone seen it, or heard anything about it?

anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend! i'll be posting a video later today (if i can find it again) that i found pretty interesting.


Jeremy and Melissa said...

I'm going to comment on this post and your last one. First, Jude is huge! I mean it in the fact that he is crawling. I've never met him or seen him in person but wow...that still blows my mind. Second, Jane Eyre is my wife's favorite book and if she figures out that you just finished reading it she'll consider you one of her most favorite people. Third, there is beauty in everything and that includes Ogden. I only say this because I grew up in the armpit of UT.

elise said...

jeremy! i know, time flies! i feel like i just took jude home from the hospital! and i was partly kidding about ogden...some parts were ghetto, but for the most part, it wasn't bad at all...and it was a nice break from cache valley. also, your wife must be pretty cool...i wish we could have hung out more while you guys were still up here.