what i'm reading + other stuff

first of all, on monday, (i think it was monday), i went to see the new jane eyre movie! it. was. awesome. i was a bit skeptical, because a few days previous i had watched a version that was on netflix, and i thought it was terrible. the actors were terrible, the script stank, and they changed a good deal of the actual story line. but i was pleasantly surprised with the newest version. one, because michael fassbender is in it, and he's my dogg (seriously though, he was a perfect rochester). and two, because it followed the story line very well. and the acting, set, scenery, and filmography were much better than the version i had seen previously. if you haven't seen it yet, go see it (even steve liked it). it was good. like, i might even buy it.

second of all, i found something new to read! a few new things actually. i finally made it to the library and picked out pride and prejudice. am i skeptical? yes. i wanted to read wuthering heights (might as well read the another bronte sister), but they didn't have it. so far, it's been kind of hard to get into, but i thought that about jane eyre too, and then i ended up not being able to put it down. so we'll see. also, i started rereading the chronicles of narnia, starting with the magician's nephew. steve and i finally rented the voyage of the dawn treader from redbox (it was alright), and i realized i barely remembered anything from it. and i own all seven books, so i figured i might as well refresh my memory. steve and i are reading them together, him in norwegian, me in english.

and thanks to all of your suggestions, i have an even longer reading list! i'll let you know what i choose next...whatever it is, it will by roadtrip book, since we leave for kansas city a week from tomorrow! have a good weekend everyone!

p.s. anyone else excited for harry potter?!


The Sorensen's said...

We just barely bought Wuthering Heights. Melissa told me it was good. She also informed me that there is a third Bronte Sister that wrote poetry and wasn't popular. There was also a brother who wrote. I know that you're interested in reading and writing so I thought I'd pass that little tidbit along to you! Also, Narnia is an amazing series!

elise said...

thanks, jer! i trust you and your wife's opinion. seriously. wish you were still up here!

prerna pickett said...

if you're not quite ready to dive into Pride and Prejudice try Persuasion. It's shorter and I think I might actually like it more than Pride and Prejudice. Have you read Dracula? That's a pretty awesome classic that is nothing like that awful Winnona Ryder movie.