i started writing something yesterday! i haven't written anything creative for months now, but yesterday i had an idea and jude was asleep, so i just decided to start writing. i forgot how much i like it. my goal is to write a little bit everyday, to keep my ideas flowing. maybe i'll share with you when i have a little bit more done, and i have time to refine it some. i need to start getting into the habit of writing creatively all the time, because this coming school year i will be taking advanced fiction writing (which i'm pretty excited about - my fiction writing class was by far my favorite class thus far). anyway, i want to share something about writing fiction. people always ask me (and other writers) if i base stories off of real-life experiences/places/people etc. yes. of course. i think everybody does. it's really hard not to. however, i've found that often times, i'll begin a story and i will (for the most part) be writing about someone i know, or something in my life that happened, but as i continue to write, i end up changing little details here and there. by the time i'm done, and i start editing, i've created a completely story than the experience i was originally writing about. of course some details are uncannily similar to my own life, but ultimately, i think i end up creating original stories and characters. i just think it's easier in the beginning to write about something you know really well, otherwise your story can seem unbelievable.

anyway, here's a quick update with me:
  • my dad and grandma are coming today! they will be here in about...thirty minutes.
  • my little sister gets here tomorrow! booyah!
  • i mowed the lawn yesterday. the entire lawn. by myself.
  • i did some more painting yesterday (but still have tons more to do).
  • the weather is FINALLY nice! it's up in the 80's today.
  • we are going to missouri in a little over two weeks!
well, i hope everyone had a good weekend! still haven't made it to the library yet, so i will update you on what book i'm reading, when i decide what i'm going to read!

p.s. i entered to win a trip to paris! you should too! you never know...you (or me) might get lucky!

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