bad week + teepee

this week was the week from hell. i won't even explain, because it will just put me in a bad mood. but in case you were wondering, we are not moving. all i will say is thank goodness for my husband, chocolate milk, netflix, good books and harry potter. anyway, now that we know we are definitely staying in hyde park, i've felt more motivated to keep working on the house, and make it as comfortable as possible. we've been moving furniture around, and i've got a list of projects that i want to get started on. also, i want to make something like this for jude's room:

if i was little, i would have loved something like this. actually, even as an adult, i would love something like this. i would pile it up with pillows and stock it full of books. you can find a tutorial on how to make one yourself here.

here's to next week being 1,000,000x better!

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