what i'm reading + new books!

in case you were wondering, i did finish pride and prejudice on the drive to kansas city. i loved it. did i love it as much as jane eyre? hmmm...that's hard. they're very different books. there's just something about jane eyre, though...it's one of my favorites. anyway, i'm onto something else now. wuthering heights. i'll be honest, it's hard to get through. mainly because i know there is no possible way the book could end well, so it's hard to want to finish it. do i like it? i appreciate, and even admire it from a literary standpoint. it's one of those books that i would love to discuss in an english class, or write a paper on, but not one that i would want to curl up with before bed (even though that's when i find myself reading it). every single character is so frustrating...i can't sympathize with any of them. however, it has an intriguing plot, that draws me in, and makes me want to keep reading.

anyway, i got half a dozen new books the other day when we perusing the DI!
i can't wait to get started on them! in case you can't read the titles, these are they: sherlock holmes, les miserables, sense and sensibility, the scarlet pimpernel, gone with the wind, and lord of the rings: the two towers (i was so excited about this one...every time i go to the DI, they always have the hobbit and the fellowship, but never two towers or return of the king! this time they had two towers...now all i need is return of the king). anyway, i'm excited about all of them. one of my lifelong goals is to read gone with the wind...it looks pretty intimidating though. it might take me a year to get through it...any votes as to which one i should start on first?

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The Sorensen's said...

Elise, you aren't really giving me the desire to start reading Wuthering Heights. Also, there is someone in my ward that looks just like you. Are you sure your don't have a twin that lives in Orem? I think you might.