i know i'm a few days late, but to me, the tenth (or any) anniversary of 9/11 is a big deal.

as most of you know, i grew up in the DC area, and both my parents worked in the city. my dad worked at an architectural firm in georgetown and my mom worked for american airlines. on september eleventh, i was sitting in my seventh grade band class, warming up. our vice principal came into the room, whispered something to my director and hurried out. my director didn't say a word, he just turned and flipped the tv on that was in the corner of the room. at twelve years old, i didn't know what was going on when i saw the footage. all i knew was that one of the planes was an american airlines flight and that my mom was flying to new york that day. my director told us that we were free to use the phone in his office if we needed to. i called both my parents' houses but no one picked up. i called my mom's work, but obviously i couldn't get through. some of my teachers tried to go on with the day as if nothing had happened, others just left the tv on and let us watch. kids kept getting pulled out of class carrying little pink slips. i was in my american history class when someone knocked on the door and handed my teacher a pink slip. he called my name and i walked up, nervous and not knowing whether i wanted to know what was written on it. all it said was "mom missed flight. parents safe."

this past sunday my mom came into town, and is staying with us for a few days. it's weird to think that it was ten years ago that she missed her flight (the only time she's ever missed a flight for work). what's ironic is that when she came out, she had a few things for me...a birthday present from my sister, some things for jude, and the first draft of my college essay, which was about my experience on september eleventh. reading it made me remember my feelings and anxiety that day, and then the relief that poured over me when i found out that both of my parents were safe. both of my parents could easily have been taken that day. but they weren't. they got to see me row in high school, they got to see me graduate. they sent me off to college and they saw me get married. they've even seen me become a mother. at age twelve i don't think i realized how lucky i was to come home to two living parents that day. i wasn't thinking about how hard it would be to be at my wedding without my mom or dad. my heart goes out to those who weren't as fortunate as i was that day...to the kids whose pink slips brought tears instead of relief.

so, sorry for the dreariness of this post, but it seems like in only ten short years, i've forgotten the gravity of the events that occurred on september eleventh, and i wanted to share my thoughts and experience.

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