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today i want to talk about books! what books do/did you read to your kids? i read with jude every night before bed, and sometimes during the day if he wants to. i have a red, shiny bucket full of books by his crib, and if we're playing in his room, he'll pull one (or all) of them out and i'll read to him. i'll show you jude's favorites after the jump!

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jude's favorite books:

are you my mother? by P.D. eastman heart-warming. sweet story, cute little baby bird.

baby hears by karen katz interactive. when you lift the flap on each page, you hear a train or little chicks peeping. jude loves it. 

little puppy by chronicle books silly. this is a finger puppet book, and jude thinks it's hilarious. i could entertain him with this one for hours.

first 100 words by sarah phillips educational. jude likes it because there are pictures of other babies in it and i can point to a picture of a nose, and then touch his nose.

i'm planning on getting jude a bunch of books for his birthday (only six days away)! this is not only a gift to him, but to me, too. i think i have every book he owns memorized. so what i want to know is, what books are your kids' favorites, and which ones are your favorites? brown bear, brown bear by eric carle was my all-time favorite book as a little one. also...is your baby as bad as jude? almost every book he owns is ripped or gnawed on to shreds (yes, even the board books have chunks missing).

p.s. parenthood's top 25 best books for baby

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Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

As a young kid I don't really remember liking any specific picture books. I remember my mom reading Amelia Bedelia to me and I loved those.
I haven't read to Lily as much as I'd like to. I blame her because until recently she's been too impatient to sit with me for more than about 2 pages. We have a couple of books like your First 100 Words book. I like looking at those ones with Lily. I feel like they work well for her stage of development. We have a bunch of Dr. Seuss books which I really like to read to her, but most of them are way to long/advanced for her.
Oh, I almost forgot her favorite book! I must mention Joseph and The Coat of Many Colors. It's a little board book with flaps. Lily will point at Joseph and when I tell her it's Joseph she'll kiss and hug the book :)
Our books are all in pretty good condition because I don't let Lily chew on them. Plus we haven't used them as much as it sounds like you have used yours.

elise said...

ruth, we have a bunch of dr. seuss ones too, which i love, but jude is the same way...they're too long and advanced. i can't wait till he's a little older and i can read more books to him

Esther said...

Elise! I stumbled across your facebook/blog and can't believe it's been so long since our Creative Writing days. Hope all is well with you :)

This book was one of my favorites growing up: http://www.amazon.com/Corduroy-Don-Freeman/dp/0670241334

You also can't go wrong with The Giving Tree: http://www.amazon.com/Giving-Tree-Shel-Silverstein/dp/0060256656