what i'm reading

it's been a while since i've done a 'what i'm reading' post, so i thought i'd update you. i finished the adventures of sherlock holmes, and was trying to decide if i should attempt gone with the wind, or go for something a little less heavy, like, the scarlet pimpernel, when my mom and sister flew into town and ruined everything. they both started reading the hunger games and lured me into the series while they were here. i can't push all the blame on them because my brother-in-law sent us the audio book versions just days previous, and i had wanted to read them for a while myself anyway. i'm in the middle of catching fire right now, and can't put it down (or press pause as the case may be). that being said, it's back to reading (listening, actually)!

what are you reading these days? did you read the hunger games? did they drive you as crazy as they're driving me? thoughts?

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Tawny said...

hunger games = BOMB. so good. we started to read them on moms kindle while I was home, like three days before I left for school, and got hooked for the second time. Right now I'm attempting to read The Three Musketeers. It's kinda hard to follow, but a pretty good read so far.

Ruth said...

I read The Hunger Games series. I was pulled into them when I was reading them, but now I don't really feel like they were that great. I don't think I would really care to read them again. A somewhat similar series is the Maze Runner trilogy. The last book hasn't come out yet, but so far I've enjoyed those more than Hunger Games.
Right now I'm reading a book called The Glass Castle. I'm not that far into it, so I couldn't say if I would recommend it, yet.