jude's first birthday

if you guys aren't tired of looking at pictures of jude,
i'd love to tell you about his birthday!
first, we went to adam's park and had a little picnic.
jude enjoyed playing on, crawling in, and eating the grass (and sticks).
then we went to the willow park zoo, and afterward, played on the swings!
later, we had a birthday dinner and opened presents!
presents included blocks, bath toys, pajamas, toy cars and books!
aaand that's when the camera died. we had birthday cake,
but i didn't get any decent pictures of it. lame, i know.

thanks to everyone who helped make jude's birthday special! whether it was a phone call wishing jude a happy birthday, or you were thoughtful enough to drop by a gift or shoot us a text. it's nice to know that jude is loved by so many people :)


Ruth said...

That first picture is so cute! And in the one of him crawling he definitely resembles your brothers.

The Van Tassells said...

Yay for Jude turning one!!! :) We're glad we got to be part of his special day! What a little cutie!!! :)