let's get seasonal

happy wednesday, everyone! today i want to share some pretty autumn inspiration. here in cache valley, fall is in full swing, and i'm actually loving the drop in temperature, grey morning skies, chilly breezes and, of course, having an excuse to drink hot cocoa and cider. unfortunately though, we don't get much of the beautiful, rich, fall colors. it's more like, one day everything is green, and the next everything is dead. but pumpkin walks, corn mazes, and cozy evenings make up for it. also...i love cold weather clothing...so much more comfortable (and i have more of it). are you excited about fall, or still missing the summer?

and in case you're in the mood for more....

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angry bird halloween costume

images via seasonal-love; bottom images by me & marthastewart.com


The Sorensen's said...

Elise, I think I'm more jealous of you right now then I've ever been. I miss Cache Valley more right now because of the season we are in. Autumn is my favorite season and Cache valley knows how to celebrate it. Although it's fast and furious it still makes it's presence known. Enjoy it for me, please!

elise said...

totally, agree! autumn is the BEST here! i'll try my best to enjoy it for you :)

Meesh said...

I LOVE FALL!! Mostly for the same reasons you do. Here in VA the trees are the best...I love it. And like you I love fall clothes...scarves, boots, light jackets, sweaters...without having to wear a huge puffy coat over everything. Plus there's Halloween and Thanksgiving both in the same season!