week of 'ween: two halloween pranks

hey everyone! growing up, i was always jumping out of closets and hiding behind corners, waiting to scare the living daylights out of my siblings as they came out of the bathroom. once, i hid in our kitchen pantry for a good ten minutes before someone finally opened it. i got 'em good (but they got me back later...also, this wasn't just something i did as a kid...this happened like, two years ago). anyway, i love a good prank, so today i'm sharing two scary halloween pranks! steve and i made some people out of straw and our old clothes to sit out on our front porch. we're going to stick a baby monitor in one of their heads and freak people out on halloween!

also, it's not halloween related, but still a good prank (and hilarious...and horrible!) happy pranking!

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