week of 'ween: four ways to carve a pumpkin

hey everyone! today, i'd like to share four ways to carve a pumpkin! have you carved yours yet? we're doing ours tonight, after little jude goes to bed! every year, i think of these awesome carving ideas that i want to use for the next year, but when the next year comes around, i've forgotten them all. i always just end up doing a puking pumpkin, which never ceases to amuse me. anyway, here are four cool ideas, and i promise none of them are puking pumpkins.

Fanged Pumpkins
fanged pumpkins aren't these little vampire pumpkins the cutest?
i would totally do this (mainly because there's not much carving involved)

see three more ways to carve a pumpkin after the jump! (click below)

zombie pumpkins. i love these, haha.
something about those creepy bulging eyes...

carrot nose jack-o-lanterns this is something i think
i could actually carve without messing it up too badly.

lace patterned pumpkins okay, who in the world
has the time or patience to do this? still, it's pretty cool.

so, that's it! four ways to carve a pumpkin. any ideas of your own? are you a good pumpkin carver? i'm terrible. i wish i was one of those people who could sit down and carve a landscape, or iron man's face on a pumpkin...but i'm not. happy carving, everyone!

all images via marthastewart.com

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