week of 'ween: one truly terrifying costume

halloween is tomorrow! do you have your costumes ready? costumes are what make halloween. remember when people actually used to dress up as something scary? i feel like all i ever see anymore are people dressed as characters from the jersey shore, superheroes, or girls wearing less clothes and more makeup than usual. so, today i'm going to share one truly terrifying halloween costume. last halloween, my sister and her friends dressed up as zombies, and they seriously looked like something out of a horror movie.

not gonna lie, it was pretty refreshing to see college girls dressed as gruesome zombies, rather than slutty bunnies.

see more pictures and how they did it after the jump! (click below)

you will need:
white face paint [try this or make your own]
dark eye shadow [try this]
fake blood [try this or make your own]
hairspray [try this]
a comb, and
old, ripped clothes

1. apply the white face paint as thick or thin as you want...it depends on how dead you want to look. with the eye shadow, start at the inner corner of your eyes, and work down, making dark rings beneath them. after that, add shadow around the nose, beneath the cheekbones, and wherever you think looks scariest.

2. next, apply the fake blood. this is the funnest part...dab red gore around your mouth, on your hands, trickling down your ear...you get the point.

3. next, is the hair. my sister and her friends pretty much just went crazy with a comb and hairspray. grab a chunk of hair, pull it up off of your head, spray it down with hairspray, and backcomb until it's as messy and ratted as desired. continue to do so, until you've got a good nest of matted, tangled hair atop your pretty little head.

i think you can figure out the clothes for yourself...put them on. the nice thing about this is that there's no wrong way to do it, and it's super easy and cheap. once you have the necessary materials, the rest is pretty much up to you. tawny and her friends are doing the same thing again this halloween, but vamping it up. she's going as a zombie bride, and come tomorrow night, you can find her, and a dozen other walking dead, creeping along the strip in waikiki, photobombing and scaring innocent tourists and locals.

so, there you have it, one truly terrifying halloween costume! have a haunting halloween, everyone!

p.s. remember this? so true.

photos by alyse thomson


tawny said...

also, i used a bit of dark blue cream eyeliner to emphasize some of the obvious veins on my neck/chin and temples. makes the look a little more realistic and gross.

brendt said...

tawny usually looks like something out of a nightmare

elise said...

too true