braids four ways

in high school, i was in marching band, and we were required to braid our hair for every game and competition, and i hated it because i always looked like an idiot (and a ten year-old boy...but that might have just been the uniform). but it turns out, there are ways to make braids look pretty. so i might just try braids again now that i'm not required to wear them (and a shako). only problem is that i can't braid, so i would have to have my little sister come out from hawaii (yeah, she goes to college in hawaii...isn't that a joke?) and braid my hair for me.

1. pretty maiden braid

2. relaxed double braids
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3. simple and girly braided headband
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4. awesome braided head
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aren't all four of them gorgeous? i'm amazed by people who can braid (especially their own hair!) there was a family i knew back home whose daughters always came to church with the most awesome braided do's. also, i dated a guy once who was weirdly into braids. any guesses who i'm talking about? (ha, kidding...please don't guess). anyway, what do you think? would you try them? can you pull off braids? can you braid hair? will you braid my hair like this? ;)


Sara said...

I wish I could braid like that, it would be awesome, then I could braid my hair for work instead of ALWAYS having it in a ponytail... hm.. maybe I should practice braiding more often, or teach Eric how to braid. ;)

Natalie said...

Kenny taught himself how to braid my hair when we got married. I say you convince Steve to do the same. I can't really braid, but Kenny will occasionally french braid my hair. I like these ones. Very pretty.

tawny said...

i tried the braided head one. did't turn out too bad. i'll have to send you a picture of it (i dont think you can upload pictures to the comments box).

elise said...

what's funny is that i'm pretty sure steve would be a better braider than me. he's already better at knitting, crocheting, and making those friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss, haha. but the fact that kenny actually took the time to teach himself how to braid, is pretty impressive, nat :)