photo friday + hail the utah aggies

it's friday! and it's also 11/11/11. which means something really magical is going to happen today, and i think i know what it is. tonight the ags play the cougs at the spectrum! i will be watching from my big, squishy couch, while munching on pizza! can't wait! i love it when we beat byu!

the photo above is my brother, brent (a byu grad...lame) and myself standing on a cliff in colorado, when we went to visit my grandmother for christmas one year. it was taken by my other brother, quinn (whose wife is also a byu grad). have a wonderful november weekend, everyone!

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JMP said...

I know i told you this already, but I really look forward to your posts. I hope you don't decide one day to stop because I think this is the only form of communication that I have with anyone in Logan nowadays.