what i'm reading

hey everyone! hope  you had a good halloween! we just hung out at home, passed out candy and watched the first twenty minutes of about half a dozen really lame scary movies. but it was still fun!

well, it's been a while since i've told you what i'm reading, so let me inform you. i finished the hunger games series by suzanne collins, which i liked. i don't want to give anything away if you haven't read them yet, so i won't say too much, but they were definitely worth reading (for me anyway). they're easy reads, and impossible to put down (literally, i would take jude on walks just so i could read them uninterrupted). the main complaint i have is that i wasn't ready for them to end...i feel like she could have written an entire fourth book. i wanted more explanation at the end.

i also started and finished the scarlet pimpernel by baroness orczy, which i thought was great. one of the best historical fiction pieces i've read. it takes place at the height of the french revolution, and has the perfect balance of suspense, romance and action. not too long, either. highly recommended. have you read it?

right now, steve and i are reading frankenstien by mary shelley together. i've read frankenstein before, but not since i was in high school, and it was required reading. and there is such a difference between reading for pleasure and required reading...it seems like a completely different story now that i'm choosing to read it. funny how that works. i'm also about to start sense and sensibility by jane austen on my own (my second time reading austen...we'll see how it goes). anyway, that's what i'm reading now. what are you reading these days?

p.s. are you on goodreads? if i'm not already following you, i would love to see what you've read, what you're reading and what you plan on reading. and your thoughts and opinions about books! you can also see more books i've read, and what i thought of them.


Natalie said...

check out katie's reading blog--she just posts books she reads, what they're about, and whether she likes them a lot or a little or whatnot.


elise said...

i love it! thanks, maria...i mean, plastic fork...i mean, natalie :)