a gift guide for the little ones (part 2)

are you guys ready for part 2 of my gift guide for the little ones? today's guide is inspired by (you guessed it) none other than little steven jude! if you know any sweet-cheeked, rambunctious toddler boys, this should help you find the perfect gift for him this christmas!

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MULA Toy hammering block, multicolor Length: 9 1/2 " Width: 3 7/8 " Height: 5 1/2 "  Length: 24 cm Width: 10 cm Height: 14 cm
toy hammering block, because it would keep him entertained for hours, $5.99, ikea

baby slippers to pad around the house in, $10, h&m

Goodnight, Gorilla
new books, because mom has all of his memorized, amazon

stripey sweater, because he looks so handsome in stripes, $20, h&m

05 meet me in the teepee 6 Teepees for Your Living Room
a teepee to play, read and cuddle in, $120, the land of nod

Grey Wool Tiny TOMS Botas

grey wool botas, so he can be stylish, $29, toms

band in a box, because he's a natural musician, $29, the land of nod

double warm monster hat, to keep his little head nice, and toasty, $24, hanna andersson 

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