go sledding!

with temperatures barely bearable, skies gray as can be, and darkness falling at five o'clock, it's easy to feel trapped inside this time of year. for me, especially. poor jude rarely gets out of the house these days, and i feel guilty about it. i'm always coming up with excuses to stay inside, because i don't want to face the cold. but, you know what? winter only comes once a year, and you might as well take advantage of the things you can do in the snow, while there's still snow! why not bundle up, grab a sled, and find a hill? did you know that a person weighing 150 pounds burns approximately 450 calories from one hour of sledding? so, if you ate a hot dog for lunch, you just burned it off. or if you ate a six inch subway sub, you burned that off, plus the dr. pepper you drank with it. not bad, eh?

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sledding seems like such an obvious winter activity, but when was the last time you actually did it? i think i was probably fifteen last time i went! my goal: go sledding this year!

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