homemade wrapping paper

hey guys! today's homemade christmas post is all about wrapping paper! i've linked up a few of my favorite homemade wrapping ideas that i've found from around the web. all of them are easy, pretty, and so much cooler than store bought paper!

Color Me Pretty: Orchard Inspiration

see eight more diy wrapping ideas after the jump! (click below)

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paper bags + doilies via robbie and erin
small wrapped present
read wrap magazine and then use the pages as wrapping paper. brilliant! via mint
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map wrapping paper! original source unknown (but pretty self-explanatory)
newspaper + baker's twine (so easy) via allora handmade

hope this got your creative juices flowing! i've also seen fabric used for wrapping (think red polka dots, or even burlap), sheet music, and hand drawn. funnily enough, we used store-bought wrapping paper this year. steve got all of his christmas shopping done before halloween, and the gifts have been wrapped and sitting in the guest bedroom since mid-october. do you know how hard it is not to sneak a peek? it's basically torture. happy wrapping!

p.s. glamorous wrappings, and my favorite wrapping: simple red on white
p.p.s. free printable wrapping paper

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