make a photo book

it's december! are you ready for my first homemade christmas idea? today i want to share an easy, personalized gift for someone you're close to. a photo book! might sound a little lame, and maybe the idea's been overdone, but i mean, come on, who wouldn't want one? they're really not what they used to be. think of the possibilities... yes, you could do a wedding book, baby book, anniversary book, memory book, trip book, etc. but there are so many other options these days. you can whip up a customized calendar in minutes, or create a personalized weekly planner, journal, or notebook. you can compile your family's favorite recipes, and create a beautiful cookbook for each member of the family that they'll keep forever. really, the possibilities are endless, and you would have fun making whatever it is you decide to make.

Photo of Gifts for the Cook: Photo Journal
Photo of Gifts for a Newborn or Toddler: Family Album

the best part about this gift idea though, is that it really is something that has meaning behind it. i hate when i see gift guides on blogs or in magazines that tell me to go buy an engraved whiskey flask for my dad. the best gifts i've gotten are the ones that people actually put some thought into. the ones i knew were for me.

check out these sites to get started, or explore your options:

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