hair: long vs. short

if you know me, you know that long hair suits me best. it's taken me numerous bad haircuts to learn that. in fact, my hair is almost at the length i want it, after chopping it off during my second trimester of pregnancy (it doesn't help that my hair grows slower than cold tar running up a hill). but sometimes i look at girls with short hair, and i get a crazy desire to chop it all off! but all i have to do is pull out my seventh grade yearbook picture and that thought vanishes in an instant. some people can pull off short hair. i cant.

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so, which do you prefer? long or short? what's the shortest haircut you've ever gotten? have you ever grown your hair out so long you could sit on it?! i'd love to know!

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Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

My opinion is that long is always prettier although short is sometimes easier, but only if you have the right sort of hair. Mine was long enough to sit on when I was a little girl, was cut in the first grade, pixie style and then I grew it out long again until I had my first child. Even though it is very short now, I may yet grow it out long and wear it braided up again. j.

canne said...

LONG. although i've had mine very short.

tawny said...

i like long. but not too long. just last year i grew it out so long that when i was getting changed one morning my hair got stuck in my jeans. i decided to lose 10 inches, but it was still shoulder length. i've always wanted to chop my hair off, but i'm too afraid i'll hate it and i'll look awful. also, i don't want a relapse of 6th grade..

Ruth said...

I have a love-hate relationship with hair in general. I think I look good with short hair or long hair, but either way I always feel like I have to spend a lot of time styling it in order for it to look good.
When I had my hair really short, I liked it but I didn't like having to get it trimmed all the time, and I got bored of it after a while. Growing it out has been such a pain that I don't know if I'd ever cut it that short again.

Meesh said...

I've done both long and short and I've decided that short to mid-length suits me best. Like Ruth I really liked having a very short pixie cut, but for about 5 months during the growing out period it looked terrible (even mullet-esque). So...mid-length it is!