parenthood post: home schooling

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hey everyone! for today's parenthood post, i'd love to get your take on home schooling...

growing up i always wished i was home schooled, because i hated school. but i think a lot of kids feel that way. looking back, i'm glad i went to public school, because i'm naturally an introverted person, and i feel like school pushed me (in a good way) to make friends, and get involved in sports, music, and other extra-curricular activities. but now that i'm a parent, the thought of sending my sweet, innocent little jude off to the jungle that is public school terrifies me! i'd love to think that i'll be able to give my kids everything they need to know to survive on their own, and "remember who they are" but, let's be real, it's a scary world out there, and sometimes i feel like although i survived high school with my integrity intact, it was by the skin of my teeth. on the other hand, i feel like facing the challenges that public school brings helped me become more independent and more confident in what i believed, and who i was.

so, i want to know...will you home school your kids? is it something you've thought about? were you home schooled? pros and cons? i'd love to hear your thoughts!


Ruth said...

This is something I think about too. I don't feel like public school is the best learning environment. When I was in school I always felt like it was a lot of wasted time and busy work. I had few classes that really fostered a desire for learning and knowledge. But, you learn other things from school that you wouldn't learn being home schooled, like how to deal with different kinds of people and social situations. I worry that if I homeschooled my kids they would be very sheltered because I'm not a very outgoing social person. And I also worry that I wouldn't be able to handle having my kids at home all the time. I feel like it's hard to balance my time as it is, but to have another major responsibility on my plate seems overwhelming.

Brittney Q. said...

I've thought about this too but I think the social skills they learn at school with other kids is priceless. Although I would love to protect my baby for the rest of her life, she needs to learn how to be in the real world and figure out for herself how to handle certain situations.

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

The best of both worlds might be a wise personal tutor, sort of like Merlin. That way the child is taught at home, but not by you. Then add sports, music, and other activities for socialization and fun.

So now all you need are a few million dollars or so :) j/m