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so, it's the new year, and i'm sure many of you have made fabulous resolutions to make 2012 a little better than 2011. as have i. one of my resolutions is to get in shape. shocker, huh? like you've never heard that before. and, correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm willing to bet that a lot of you have a similar resolution. why do we make the same resolutions every year? why is getting in shape such a common new year's resolution? maybe because it's a good one. and maybe because we messed up on it last year. but i made the resolution yet again, and plan on sticking with it. and here's how i'm going to do it...

first, and foremost, steve and i are doing this together. which means we can either encourage each other or enable each other. we hope to encourage each other. in the past, we have enabled. but not anymore. because we have a plan, and stronger will power. my goal isn't to lose a certain amount of weight, or fit into a certain size. i just want to be healthy, and feel good inside (okay, i know that sounded really cliche but it's scientifically proven that healthy people are happy people). i want to look and feel my best, and i wouldn't mind gaining a little more muscle. here's my plan:

cut the junk. in the month of january, we are cutting out all junk food. all of it. no cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, bagels, pizza (my favorite), chips, candy, soda...none of it. so far we're doing great (yes, i know we're only five days in), but here's the thing: cutting these things out has already motivated me to eat less crap. it's ridiculous to tell yourself that you will never eat junk food for the rest of your life, but try going without it for a day, a week, or a month, and see what happens. it's a great jump start. when we do start integrating things back into our diet, it will be slow. for example, having a brownie for dessert once a week (and to ensure you don't eat the whole pan, cut the brownies up, throw them in a ziplock bag, and store them in the freezer until next week).

have a curfew. make a commitment not to eat after a certain time each day and stick with it. for us, it's eight o'clock. which is hard, because sometimes steve works until ten. so, i make dinner ahead of time, and send him to work with a tupperware that he can heat up during his break. the hard thing for us is not snacking while we watch tv at night. i try to brush my teeth at eight, so i'm not tempted to eat anything later.

push myself. until i started rowing in high school, i had never really pushed myself physically. i've always been lanky and have never needed to work out to stay thin. which might sound great, but it made me think i could eat all sorts of junk and not have to deal with the consequences. when i took a nutrition class in college, my whole perspective on food and health and exercise changed. my parents were always good about making me eat my vegetables, and i finally understood why. i decided to start taking PE classes, like kickboxing, self-defense and water aerobics, and i was amazed at how much stronger i became by the time each semester ended. for me, finding the motivation to push myself is the hardest thing. steve can go to the gym and has no problem going up in weight if he feels like things are getting too easy. i'm not that way. i have to be in a setting where i'm forced to do it, or else i get too comfortable, and don't progress. workout in a way that pushes you, but doesn't make you despise working out. for example, i detest running. so i don't run. instead i get on a bike, or do jumping jacks, or if i have to run, i make it a fast, five-minute sprint.

stop making excuses. vegetables are expensive and disgusting, i don't know where to start, and i don't have time. probably the top three reasons that i don't eat healthy or workout. my solution: make a budget and eat them anyway, just start, and find time. it really is that simple.

so, now that i've blogged about it, my health resolution for 2012 is official. and i'm accountable. so i want to know if you have any tips? or if you made a health resolution for 2012? tomorrow i'll share my wealth resolution with you...

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Ruth said...

I didn't make any health resolutions, but I should make one to have a bed time and stick to it. Not getting enough sleep is probably the worst thing I do for my health.

Julie and Jesse said...

elise you've inspired me!

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

I say if you hate vegetables, eat fruit!