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hey everyone! one of my resolutions this year was to be more organized and keep up with the house cleaning a little more efficiently. after a few weeks, i think i've nailed down a pretty good system, and i'd love to share it with you!
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i've created daily weekly, monthly, and seasonal lists/tips! but today i'm going to share my daily tidy-up routine. i do most of it right after jude goes to bed, and it only takes me about twenty minutes. it's really simple, but it's made the biggest difference! life is so much better when you wake up to a clean house!

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make beds make it the first thing you do when you wake up. roll out of bed, make the bed, then head downstairs to hit the shower, or make breakfast. remember, no matter how clean your room is, it won't look that way if your bed is a mess.

spray down the shower after i take a shower, i spray it down with a daily shower cleaner (no scrubbing required). and after i give jude his bath, i hand him off to dad to get him dried off and in his pajamas, and i'll spend two minutes wiping down the tub. these two things have made weekly bathroom cleanings much less intimidating.

clear sink i don't have a dishwasher. washing dishes by hand is the bane of my existence. as i cook and eat throughout the day, i'll rinse the dishes and put them in the sink, because a lot of times i just don't have time to wash them all. so when jude goes to bed, i'll crack out all the dishes left in the sink. it usually takes only about ten minutes if i remember to do it every night.

wipe down counters after i'm done with the dishes, i'll wipe down the counters and stove, first with a wet wash cloth, and then with an all-purpose cleaner. it takes two minutes.

sweep floors once the surface areas are done in the kitchen, i take a broom to the floor, and shake out any rugs. it makes such a huge difference to have a clean floor, and it only takes a minute.

clean/polish kitchen table and chairs if you're like me, the kitchen/dining table ends up as a catch-all for knickknacks during the day. when i'm done wiping down the kitchen, i'll clear anything on the table, wipe it down with polish, and then wipe down the chairs really quick, too. it takes me a minute.

straighten rooms pick up toys, put away books, magazines, clothes, craft supplies, anything that's been left out. i have a basket at the bottom of the stairs that i pile things in that need to go upstairs. at the end of the day, i take it up with me, empty it, and in the morning bring it back down. that way i'm not running up and down the stairs twenty times a day (although that would probably help me burn some calories).

so, there you have it, seven easy steps to maintaining a clean house! remember, if your sink is overflowing with dishes, and you have piles of clothes all over your bedroom floor, this won't be a twenty minute tidy-up. but once you get your place to a livable state, these tips will help you keep it that way, and save you an entire weekend of deep-cleaning.

so, do you have a daily cleaning routine? any helpful cleaning tips? i'd love to hear! and stay posted, i'll be sharing my weekly cleaning checklist next!

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