weekend reads

well, everyone, we made it through another first week of school. i'll be honest, this week has been rough. i'm not sure why...maybe because jude is teething again, maybe because school started back up, maybe because the temperatures have plummeted, or maybe because the three of us are still sick. we've been passing some bug around for the past two weeks, and just can't seem to shake it. it's frustrating to say the least. but it's the weekend now! and i don't know what we're going to do, but it won't be school or work related! i'm looking forward to settling in on the couch and catching up on some reading. blog reading that is. i follow dozens of blogs, and today i'd like to share with you three of my favorites that you can browse through if you get some downtime this weekend!

1. a cup of jo
joanna is a magazine writer and blogger living in NYC. her blog covers everything from motherhood to travel, life in NYC, relationships, and food. she's a talented writer, and all of her posts are interesting and creative.

2. this is glamorous
{this is glamorous} : adventures in love, design, fashion, home decor, food & travel
i discovered this blog about a year ago, and fell in love. this is glamorous is...glamorous. roseline's posts are dreamy and poetic. the only negative is that after i browse it, i feel extremely under-dressed.

3. me and alice
me and Alice
susanne lives in sweden with her family, and shares gorgeous photos of her scandinavian home with her readers. her posts are sweet and simple, and you can't help but like her.

happy reading, and have a refreshing january weekend! what are some of your favorite blogs? i'd love to know (and add a few more to my own reading list)!


Robyn said...

I like the blogs nieniedialogues.com, newdressaday.com, abeachcottage.com, and The Rockstar Diaries (taza-and-husband.blogspot.com)

elise said...

robyn, i love abeachcottage.com too!