exam fail

Some funny exam answers!Math-Fail-Pics-009

steve has his first exam of the semester today, and i happened to come across these crazy exam answers this morning. some of them are stupid (ok, they all are), but it made me laugh. and i love that someone got +2 for naming a tooth chompy...?!

p.s. star wars test

via 9gag and math fail


Meesh said...

Hahahaha...Chompy the tooth was my FAVORITE! I'd give the kid 2 points for that too.

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

We give "giraffes are heartless creatures" an honorable mention!

The Van Tassells said...

Ha ha :) that was awesome!! Thanks for the laughs!!

JMP said...

I've done things like this on college exams.