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a few weeks ago, we talked about traveling with a baby. i was so thankful for all of your tips, and jude did really well on the airplane. on the four hour flight to DC, he slept for half the flight, and when he woke up, we were able to entertain him pretty well. on the way back to SLC, he slept the entire way back! it was heavenly. i got to watch episodes of parks&rec and frasier the whole time! the hardest part about traveling with jude was definitely the time we spent in the actual airport...

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 i was constantly having to chase him through the hallways among briskly-walking, irritated passengers and airport employees, or else keep him from snooping through other people's carry-ons in the gate lounge. that's why i was excited to hear that many airports in the US are trying to create more kid-friendly amenities like play areas, or in Orlando, a 3,000 gallon aquarium with over 100 different creatures, a king kong arcade, and two kennedy space centers, complete with an asteroid from mars! the portland international airport has a padded jungle gym, lego tables, play cars, and televisions that air children's shows and movies. more and more airports in the US and worldwide are making accommodations for families with small children. the london-heathrow airport even has separate, private areas for nursing mothers, with changing stations as well. how great would it be to wear your toddler out at an airport themed gym like the one is seattle (below), nurse him in a comfortable rocking chair before you get on the plane, and then watch him doze off as you and your plane take off. pretty cool. doesn't it make traveling with your child so much less intimidating?




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