let's get away: to the mountains

recently i've been craving a vacation. like, a real vacation. don't you just want to get away sometimes? maybe it's because i've been cooped up inside all winter long, or maybe it's just because i've been watching too much house hunters international. either way, the idea is tantalizing. for the next few weeks, i'll be posting different vacation inspiration. today, it's to the mountains. steve and i are both itching for warm weather so we can get outside and up into the mountains. we even got hiking boots! yeah. utah is ideal for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities, so we don't want to look back on our time here and think, "wow, i spent  five years in utah, and watched house hunters the whole time." know what i mean?

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can't you smell the campfire, and the musty smell of the inside of the tent? are you a camper, or not so much?

images via the beautiful blog, oh pionner. the one of the tetons is my brother and i at string lake - taken by my dad

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Ruth said...

I like camping if the weather is nice. Hot humid camping in VA? No thank you.