love countdown: soulmates


happy thursday, everyone! i've decided to count down to valentine's day with five posts about...love! so to start things off, i want to talk about soul mates. first, what is your definition of a soul mate? your other half? the one and only person in the world meant for you? and secondly, do you believe in them? i'll tell you my take on soul mates after the jump!

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when i was a teenager, i definitely believed in soul mates. i figured people got divorced because they married someone else's soul mate, and realized it too late (ha)! if that was the case, we would live in a very cruel world. after a few failed relationships, and a few years of marriage, i've learned that a soul mate isn't a predestined mate just for you. i do believe in soul mates, but i think that you choose your soul mate, not fate.

i think there are people that are more compatible for us than others. with seven billion people on the earth, i could probably fall in love with 100,000 men and be happy with any one of them. but that wasn't very comforting when i was single...it was more intimidating than anything else. when i started thinking about the possibility of marriage with steve, it was scary! as things got more serious, i started giving it more and more thought, and it came down to this: yes, there are probably other people in the world that i could be happy with. do i love steve enough to risk the thousands of other possibilities out there? do i love him enough to want to work hard at maintaining a marriage no matter what? do i love him enough to look past and work through his weaknesses and shortcomings? and lastly, does he feel the same way about me? in the end, the answer to all of these questions was yes, and because of that, we decided to commit to each other and get married. i feel like because we made those decisions, we became each other's soul mate.

that being said, i feel like steve is better for me than anyone else i could have chosen. i look back on past relationships, and with some people i dated, i think we could have made it work, if we wanted to. but we weren't committed to each other the same way steve and i were and are, and that's why those relationships didn't work out. in the end, isn't that why all relationships fail?

so, there's my take on it, what's yours? similar feelings, or completely different? i'd love to know!

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prerna pickett said...

You summed it up pretty perfectly, Elise. I feel the same way about soul mates. I also think the decisions we make lead us on different paths and to different people. I feel like I chose the best path possible by marrying Cameron. I honestly don't think I could have been as happy as I am with anyone else. I also don't think anyone else could put up with me as well as he does ;-).